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Polytechnic Open Library International Bulletin of Information Technology and Science

Vol 60 (2019)

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Alexander Gelbukh, Oscar Camacho 3-4


A Framework to Build Quality into Non-Expert Translations PDF
Christopher G. Harris 5-12
Sports Video Anonymisation and Accuracy Prediction PDF
César Marrades Cortés, Keith Quille, Jelena Vasić, Seán McHugh 13-17
Marching Cubes Algorithm for Transforming Images PDF
Angélica Hernández Rayas, Delia Irazú Hernández Farías, Eduardo Pérez Careta, Rafael Guzmán Cabrera, José Francisco Gómez-Aguilar, José Zacarías Huamaní, Teodoro Cordova Fraga 19-25
Towards Recognizing Phrase Translation Processes: Experiments on English-French PDF
Yuming Zhai, Pooyan Safari, Gabriel Illouz, Alexandre Allauzen, Anne Vilnat 27-33
Named Entity Recognition Based on a Graph Structure PDF
David Muñoz, Fernando Pérez, David Pinto 35-41
Dictionary and Corpus-Based Study of Lexical Functions in Spanish PDF
Olga Kolesnikova, Alexander Gelbukh 43-56
Word Embeddings and Length Normalization for Document Ranking PDF
Sannikumar Patel, Markus Hofmann, Kunjan Patel 57-65
Facial Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks and Supervised Few-Shot Learning PDF
Rafael Gallardo García, Beatriz Beltrán, Darnes Vilariño, Rodolfo Martínez 67-72
Zero-Shot Learning for Topic Detection in News Articles PDF
Björn Buchhold, Jörg Dallmeyer 73-81
Journal Information and Instructions for Authors PDF

ISSN: 2395-8618